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Seattle is the largest city in Washington state in the north-western US. Seattle is a dynamic metropolis with a romantic heart, set in the midst of breathtaking natural scenery.

A cosmopolitan city defined by water and mountains

With a municipal population of about 600,000 and a metropolitan area population of 3.3 million, Seattle is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city – yet offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as a strong outdoors vibe. The city centre bustles with life, inviting tourists to enjoy every moment of their stay.

Here you can explore some of Seattle’s impressive new buildings and museums such as the Experience Music Project, the Seattle Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park. Seattle’s most defining landmark, however, remains the Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair. The Needle’s observation deck is unmatched for its 360-degree panoramic view of the majestic Olympic Mountains beyond the Puget Sound, the Cascade Range and the snow-capped Mount Rainier towering on the horizon – an unforgettable sight on a clear and bright day.

Seattle is a coastal city with a wealth of magnificent nature at its doorstep. Lakes, bays, sounds, inlets and enchanting islands surround it, shaping its way of life and providing plenty of boat cruise opportunities for tourists – whether for sightseeing along the city’s waterfront or a trip to some of the nearby islands. Stately mountains run along the eastern horizon, where sprawling natural vistas make a stunning setting for a wide array of outdoor activities, from hiking and camping in summer to skiing in winter.

From Seattle it’s also a short drive north to Vancouver, Canada. And why not pay a visit to Portland, Oregon, named the greenest city in the US in 2008. Or if you’re interested in driving along the US West Coast, fly to Seattle and continue by car down to San Francisco or even all the way south to Los Angeles.