Reykjavik Marina is located by a slipway in the old downtown harbour district of Reykjavik, where it has a unique view of the ocean. The slipway is a great location for a hotel, just a stone’s throw from the capital's attractions, with one of the best views across the bay and only a few steps from the city centre.


Myrargata 2, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Service Desk

+354 560 8000

  • Check-in at 2pm and check-out at 12 noon
  • Slipp bar - where you can experience Reykjavik lika a local
  • The Boiler Room - gym
  • The Slipp cinema - where guests can watch Icelandic movies with English subtitles

Roomtypes available:

Keflavík airport is 45 Km from the city centre. The Flybus operates in connection with all arriving flights and your seat is always guaranteed. The Flybus departs from Keflavik Airport 35-40 minutes after each flight arrival. Journey time to BSI Bus terminal in Reykjavik is approximately 45 minutes.

A taxi service from the airport is available. Taxis have official mileage meters and fares are charged at standard rates. Journey time to Reykjavik is around 45 minutes.