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Icelandair is proud to help support many worthy events and projects, but as we receive numerous requests, it’s impossible for us to support every request. To manage this, all sponsorship proposals must be submitted here online.

Please ensure you read the guidelines before submitting your proposal, to ensure it is line with our requirements. We are not able to enter into individual discussions about each proposal. We will evaluate the proposal based on the information provided and contact you accordingly.

Please note that due to the extreme volume of applications we only get back to those whose application is approved. So if you have not received an answer by the above mentioned timeline your application has been declined.

Icelandair cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in airfare price that may occur while an applicant awaits a reply from the Sponsorship committee.

Sponsorships are focused in three main areas.

Icelandair is a proud supporter of several sports associations in Iceland.   Below, you can find examples of the varied sporting associations that Icelandair has sponsored in one way or another.

  • The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland
  • The Football Association of Iceland (FAI)
  • The Icelandic Handball Federation (IHF)
  • The Icelandic Sports Association for the Disabled
  • The Golf Union of Iceland
  • The Icelandic Basketball Federation

Icelandair does not support individual athletes, individual sports team nor other associations than ones mentioned here, but strongly believes that it is able to reach out to most of our athletes through the support to the associations. 

If your request involves one of the mentioned associations please contact them directly.  If your request does not involve one of the mentioned associations the Sponsorship Committee will decline your request.

If you still want to send in an application please use the form.

  • The Icelandic Music Experiments
  • Iceland Airwaves
  • Reykjavík Loftbrú

Icelandair takes great pride in Icelandic music, and it’s support is through the Icelandic Travel Fund, Reykjavik Loftbru which assists in transporting Icelandic artists abroad.  In addition the music festival for young and upcoming artists, The Icelandic Music Experiments receives support from Icelandair, as well as Iceland Airwaves, an annual music festival that Icelandair founded with others back in 1999.  If you believe that your application belongs to one of the above, please apply through the applicable links.

Icelandair does not support any artists, Icelandic nor foreign outside of the above mentioned events.

If your request does not involve one of the mentioned association the Sponsorship Committee will decline your request.

If you still want to send in an application please use the form.

Special Children

Charity isn’t “just another project” for us at Icelandair. While some would simply donate a given amount from a corporate account, charity is and remains important to all of us at Icelandair. On every flight our crew members take time out of their schedules to promote the Special Children’s Travel Fund and collect change from passengers who are in a giving mood.  The proverb “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” does indeed come true through the work of the fund and we are very proud of being a part of it. Some of us have even said that they didn’t choose the cause, but that the cause chose them.

Twice annually the board of the Special Children’s Travel Fund selects recipients from a large pool of applicants. Chronically ill children often require certain preparations before they can travel and so it is very helpful to know that our very positive cabin crew do their utmost to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Here you can learn more about the fund.


If your request is a fit for the Special Children Travel Fund, please apply through their website.   

If your request involves other charities the Sponsorship Committee will decline your request.

If you still want to send in an application please use the form.

One of Icelandair’s goals is to increase the traffic to Iceland outside the high season which for us is from April to end October.  In order to reach this goal Icelandair sponsors events that takes place in Iceland from November to March and believe to fit their mantra. Along with their mantra, Icelandair has other conditions before granting a sponsorship but if you have an idea please use the form and send it. 


If you have a request for an advertisement or sponsored logo please send us a request using the form.  We will then forward it to our media house who will contact you if it fits into our mediaplans.


Icelandair does not give prizes for lotteries, charity events, school events or any other events.  The Sponsorship committee will decline your request for such .

Excess Baggage

Please see our rules and regulations in regards to Excess Baggage. If you still want to send in an application use the form.

Other Support

Please use the form for other requests.