The Saga Lounge at Keflavík International Airport in Iceland is a haven for Saga Class and Economy Comfort passengers with a unique Icelandic feel.

In recent years, Iceland’s nature and culture have become a significant part of the Icelandair brand, which is clear in every detail of the Saga Lounge. From the furniture to the artwork, the bright and welcoming space was designed to reflect Icelandair’s strong Icelandic roots.

Designed by Icelandic interior designers Eggert Ketilsson and Stígur Steinþórsson, elements include a fireplace made of columnar basalt and a cairn made of local rocks. Photos by Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson of Icelanders and Icelandic waterfalls fill the space. In addition, the lounge depicts Icelandair’s 75-year history with photographs and artwork.

While the lounge is a space to experience a bit of Iceland, above all it is a place to relax and recharge. Guests will enjoy a wide range of refreshments and Icelandic specialties. And it is a perfect place to catch up with computer access and news publications from various Icelandair destinations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Saga Lounge on your next journey.

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