Icelandair has a special price structure for sports equipment.  It is divided into three categories: small, medium and large. The most common sports baggage items and their respective fees are listed below. Please note that these rates are only valid on Icelandair flights.

Small items  

Medium items

Large items

Golf equipment Surfboards Vaulting Poles
Skis and Water Kites Windsurfing board
Angling equipment Bicycle Kayaks*
Diving Equipment    

All baggage items that are not listed are charged according to normal excess baggage charges.

If you are traveling with windsurfing equipment, surfboards, vaulting poles, musical instruments, or any item that would be considered "Special Baggage." these items must be booked in advance. To book "Special Baggage" for transport or to enquire if you need to prebook your "Special Baggage," please contact us.

As the carriers liability is limited to a sum considerably less than the value of the above items, we strongly recommend to passengers intending to travel with such equipment to ensure that their home or travel insurance covers the replacement value of any valuable items of checked baggage.

*The Kayak cannot be longer than 2,5 meters long.

If you have any questions, please contact us.