Mobile check in scan

Online Check In:

You can Check In online for flights to Europe and Canada up to 36 hours and flights to and from USA you can check in 24 hours before departure, check in closes 90 minutes prior to your departure.

Online Check In and Mobile Check-In is available for all destinations except for Madrid.

Mobile Check In:

Mobile check-in saves time at the airport by letting you check in and get your eBoarding Pass right from your Mobile phone, within 36 hours for European flights and 24 hours for USA flights before your departure.

It´s a fast and easy way to check in.

STEP 1. Visit from your mobile device.
STEP 2. From Check-in screen, access your reservation by submitting your booking number and last name
STEP 3. After check in is completed: submit either your mobile number to recieve SMS or email address or choose to pick up your eBoarding Pass at the airport check in.

Your eBoarding Pass will be sent to your device. If you have more than one flight, an eBoarding Pass will be sent to your mobile device for each flight.
STEP 4. When you arrive at the airport, show your eBoarding Pass at security check point. 

Access your Icelandair flight tickets on your mobile phone with Passbook

With your iphone (iOS 6) you can use Passbook to access your boarding passes without internet connection and in addition you can scan your iPhone or iPod touch to check in for a flight.

Your ticket is forwarded to your iPhone after you have completed mobile check-in and saved in the ‘Passbook’ app.


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