The entry documents required for your trip to Russia depend, among other things, on your nationality. 

Citizens of Iceland, Norway, member states of the European Union, Canada and United States need to have a valid visa in their passport for travel to Russia.  
To apply for a Russian visa you need at least:

  • One recent passport-sized photograph (35 x 45mm) of an applicant
  • Fully completed visa application form
  • A passport that is valid for six months after your planned departure from Russia
  • Detailed travel confirmation (flight and accommodation)
  • Visa support letter from the Russian tour operator
  • Proof of international travel health insurance

It is the responsibility of the passenger, to enquire about the entry requirements for the destination and any transit country and have the necessary travel documents available for the travel.

Please note that fees for visa applications to Russia may vary according to your country of citizenship. Please contact the Russian embassy for more information about the visa application process and associated fees.

For further information please contact the Russian consular office in your country of residence.
See further information on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia: