Spend New Year's Eve in Iceland with this exciting city tour through Reykjavik taking in everything from the local traditional bonfires, to the famous city wide, panoramic fireworks display.

Golden Circle Tour

From $72 per person

Explore the legendary Golden Circle with this essential tour bringing you to Iceland's most famous natural attractions.

Reykjavik Grand Excursion

From $41 per person

A great introduction to Iceland starts with a city tour of its capital, Reykjavik, the northernmost in the world. Book this three-hour tour, available with daily departures!
Experience the serene and the surreal at the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, while enjoying the mountains, waterfalls and black sand beaches of the south coast of Iceland while you make your way there.

Warm Baths and Cool Lights

From $117 per person

Spend an evening gazing at the luminous northern lights, bathing in hot springs, and sampling Icelandic cuisine with a delicious buffet-style dinner.

Lava Horseback Ride

From $96 per person

Ride the beautiful and fabled Icelandic horse through a landscape of volcanoes, lakes and lava fields. Morning and afternoon departures available!

Icelandic Cooking Class

From $179 per person

Learn local Icelandic cooking and cuisine with esteemed Reykjavik chefs followed by a dinner of your own creations!
Experience an underwater view of Iceland with this add-on tour and go snorkeling in a continental fissure between the North American and Eurasian plates!

South Shore Adventure

From $98 per person

Iceland's South Coast is a world unto itself with waterfalls, coastline, glaciers, peaceful villages, black sand beaches and Viking Saga history.

All About the Icelandic Horse

From $185 per person

Discover the amazing Icelandic horse on this exciting day tour combining horseback riding in lava landscapes and a multimedia theatrical show highlighting the role they play in Iceland's history and legends!

Classic Reykjavik Bike Tour

From $45 per person

Visit Reykjavik by bike with this guided bike tour through the city's most exciting and important locations, from the beaches to Parliament!

Essential Iceland

From $335 per person

See Iceland with an exciting 4x4 add-on tour and see it all - from glaciers, to lava caves and waterfalls, plus a visit to the beautiful national park, Thingvellir.

Horseback and Blue Lagoon

From $132 per person

Enjoy this add-on tour through the gorgeous lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula with horseback riding on the famous Icelandic horse, followed by a few hours relaxing in the soothing waters of the Blue Lagoon!

Horses and Whales

From $165 per person

Enjoy some of the best of Icelandic nature in one day, including a morning horse ride amongst Iceland's countryside, followed by a whale watching boat cruise!

Inside the Glacier

From $227 per person

Explore the inner-workings of an Icelandic glacier with a visit to the new, man-made Into the Glacier, located in a remote location high up on one of Iceland’s largest glaciers, Langjokull.

Inside the Volcano

From $289 per person

Step inside a dormant volcano to explore its history from top to bottom, all after a beautiful hike over one of Iceland's gorgeous lava fields.

Northern Nights and Lobsters

From $305 per person

Experience an off-road 4x4 Super Jeep night-time tour of coastal South Iceland, combined with a sumptuous lobster feast and a hunt for northern lights!

Viking Horseback Tour

From $165 per person

This exciting Icelandic horseback riding tour for experienced riders gives you five hours riding time through the beautiful Icelandic wilderness just minutes outside of the capital, Reykjavik.

Whales of Iceland Exhibition

From $25 per person

Experience the gentle giants of the sea up close at Iceland's exciting new attraction, Whales of Iceland. Life-size recreations of the North Atlantic's numerous marine mammals help make this, the largest whale exhibition in Europe, an Iceland must-see.

Whale Watching Express

From $92 per person

This shorter, compact whale watching tour is ideal for those looking to make the most of their travel time in Reykjavik, as well as with a smaller group size!

Wonders of Snaefellsnes

From $143 per person

The Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland´s West is a microcosm of the whole country with white and black sand beaches, bird cliffs and an unforgettable, world-renowned glacier.