Copenhagen and Stockholm - Two Capitals, One Destination!

Only in Scandinavia

Discover the Hidden Gems of Scandinavia

Grounded in their rich history, Copenhagen and Stockholm are heralded for innovation, sustainability and contemporary genius. These two Scandinavian capitals summon reference to no other place. Denmark and Sweden offer breathtaking nature which blends effortlessly with its culture and historic venues. The capitals are no exception to this, whether it is island-hopping Stockholm’s enchanting 30,000-isle archipelago or experiencing the trendy Vesterbro neighborhood in bike-friendly Copenhagen on two wheels. There is no need to worry about mastering the Scandinavian languages – Danes and Swedes are know for their proficiency in English and their friendly hospitality. Become enchanted with the Scandinavian way of life!


The Danish capital’s cool, laid-back lifestyle belies a 1,000-year history as a cultural and economic powerhouse - A perfect blend of innovative architecture and design mixed in serenely with royal castles and historic buildings. Explore the legacy at the Royal Castles  or venture into the exuberant neighborhoods of Nørrebro or the Meatpacking District.

Foodies should indulge in the New Nordic Cuisine from Michelin starred restaurants to traditional Danish restaurants, such as the Danish open-faced sandwich, Smørrebrød. A trip to Copenhagen is not complete until you have experienced some “pedal power”. Jump on a city bike, and explore the city just like a true Copenhagener.

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Regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Stockholm is built on fourteen islands with eight centuries of history and culture to choose from. Packed in an easily accessible area are castles, a medieval old town, museums, galleries, restaurants and shopping that compete with the big cities. Wherever you look, there’s water! And the archipelago comprising of more than 24 000 islands and islets is a huge part of the city’s appeal. Green is the new black and Stockholm also has more green spaces than any other large city. The natural setting is a perfect counterweight to the cosmopolitan feel of the city with its grand public buildings, palaces and rich cultural history.

Art, architecture and design play a big part in Stockholm city life and the city has a cutting edge music-, fashion- and food scene. The Swedish cuisine has taken huge leaps in the last years with award winning chefs and restaurants that are creating new dishes but still with distinctly Swedish flavors.

Stockholm has a friendly, relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, and you don’t have to worry about mastering the language since almost everyone speaks English. It´s also said that the city’s locals are known for being welcoming towards visitors.

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Sample Itinerary to get you inspired!

Day 1

After arriving in Copenhagen in the morning, the first thing you should do is to rent a bicycle. It will get you around the city in the smoothest way possible. In the Danish capital, bikes are as common as cars. Make your way to the beautiful 17th century Rosenborg Castle. Spend the morning exploring the castle and its surrounding grounds. Make sure to take a look at the Royal Collections, that displays items connected to Denmark’s royal culture, including the crown jewels.

Take your bike to the center of Copenhagen for lunch. Why not try a typical Danish Smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich? After lunch, explore the shopping area around Strøget. Make sure to pick up some stylish Danish design!

Copenhagen is known for the high number of well-renowned and Michelin-starred restaurants. Make sure to visit one of them for dinner!

After dinner, make your way to Tivoli Gardens. The amusement park is the most popular one in Scandinavia. Spend a few hours exploring the beautiful architecture and maybe even try some of the rides.

Day 2

For your last few hours in Copenhagen, take your bike to the Vesterbro neighborhood. It is one of the trendiest areas in the city and you can easily spend a few hours exploring the many shops, parks and restaurants. Or visit the new Torvehallerne food market with serves up a gastronomic experience that will delight all the senses.

Take the train to Stockholm. Traveling by train in Scandinavia is both comfortable and easy and after a few hours you will arrive in the majestic Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Spend the rest of the day on the cobblestones streets of Gamla Stan area, the Old Town. This is where Stockholm was founded more than 750 years ago. Make sure that you visit one of the many cozy cafés and have a traditional Swedish fika, a cup of coffee and something sweet.

Day 3

It is time for an excursion! Take one of the many cruises going out to the Stockholm archipelago and enjoy one of the most beautiful sights in the area. One of the advantages of the archipelago is its proximity to Stockholm. Only 20 minutes away and spread over 30,000 islands, the archipelago is perfect for a daytrip. Enjoy the stunning views and take in the scenery before making your way back to central Stockholm.

Once you are back in the city center, channel your inner popstar and pay a visit to ABBA the Museum. The whole museum is dedicated to the Swedish pop group. You can expect an abundance of gold records, dancing and fun facts about ABBA.

Nordic cuisine is booming and one of the best places in the world to try it is in Stockholm. Several restaurants are dedicated to offering innovative and creative food that is still closely connected to traditional Swedish flavors. Have dinner at one of these restaurants before taking a walk around Nybroviken and take in the Stockholm skyline.