Delayed: FI688 from Orlando to KEF 27th of May. Flights FI430 to GLA, FI494/FI495 to and from BHX and FI212/FI213 to and from CPH, FI542/FI543 to and from CDG and FI607/FI606 to and from Halifax on 28th of May

Last modified: 28.05.2015 11:17 GMT

FI688 from Orlando and FI494/495 to and from Birmingham have been delayed

Flights FI430 from Keflavik to Glasgow, flights FI212/FI213 to and from Copenhagen, FI542/FI543 to and from Paris and FI607/FI606 to and from Halifax on 28th of May have been delayed due to technical problems. Flight FI431 from Glasgow to Keflavik will depart according to schedule.

New departure time 28th of May:

All times are local

  • FI688 departing from Orlando at 12:00 - landing in Keflavik at 22:30.
  • FI430 departing from Keflavik at 09:50 - landing in Glasgow at 12:55.
  • FI431 will be on time.
  • FI212 departing from Keflavik at 16:00 - landing in Copenhagen at 21:00
  • FI213 departing from Copenhagen at 22:00 - landing in Keflavik at 23:10
  • FI494 departing from Keflavik at 16:10 - landing in Birmingham at 19:50
  • FI495 departing from Birmingham at 20:50 - landing in Keflavik at 22:40
  • FI542 departing from Keflavik at 14:00 - landing in Paris at 19:00
  • FI543 departing from Paris at 20:00 - landing in Keflavik at 21:10
  • FI607 departing from Keflavik at 22:00 - landing in Halifax at 23:50.
  • FI606 departing from Halifax at 01:15 - landing in Keflavik at 08:00 on 29th of May.


Please contact Icelandair service desk for further information +354 5050100 or at your local Icelandair number.

Icelandair apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this disturbance.