17.02.2012 08:55

Icelandair Saga Club is proud to announce a new service to our members. Now our members will be able to use their Saga Points to pay for all products on board. Both products from Saga Shop Collection and Saga Shop Kitchen.

Saga Club members need to present both their Saga Card and credit card when paying with Points. Please tell the cabin crew member at the time of purchase that you are going to use your Saga Points.

Saga Shop Collection

If you do not have a Saga Card please contact our Service Center. A new Card costs 500 ISK.

Members receive a card for free after their first flight with Icelandair if they are registered to the Saga Club. If you want a card earlier than that or if you have lost your card it costs 500 ISK.


  • Members need to present their Saga Card and credit card when paying with Points on board.
  • The cabin crew is not able to check the balance on your Saga Club account. Therefore we will need your credit card to grant your purchase.
  • If your Saga Club account does not have sufficient number of points to complete your purchase, we will charge your credit card instead.
  • A Saga Points Payment cannot be processed unless members have their Saga Card present at the time of purchase.
  • It is the members own responsibility to have enough Saga Points.
  • It is not not possible to combine points with cash or credit in the same transaction.
  • Members do not earn points when you pay with points in Saga Shop Collection or Saga Shop Kitchen.
  • Regarding returns on products bought with Points they can be returned only if members show their receipt and than the Points are put back in the Points account.
  • Terms and Conditions of Saga Shop Collection and Saga Shop Kitchen apply for all purchases made with Saga Points.